Couchsurfing Staff Are Heading Out into the Wild

Our Mobile Software Engineer, Nathaniel, spent over two years surfing with his wife, Kim, around the worl ... Read More

Family Couchsurfing with Bruno

Couchsurfing with a family is a bit different. But what is it like? We interviewed Couchsurfing Ambassador Filippo about about his experiences Couchsurfing with his family. Filippo Occhipinti joined Couchsurfing in 2005 and has hosted hundreds of travelers in his home in Palermo (Sicily, Italy). His life changed radically when he married fellow Couchsurfer Marianna and their son Bruno was born We were curious to find out how Bruno's birth has affected their Couchsurfing activity. "Planning with Bruno to reach Nordkapp by car!" (Photo taken 2 months after Bruno's birth) Filippo, since you have a family, have you been travelling and Couchsurfing less than before? No, my travelling habits haven’t changed … Read More

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Our Couchsurfing Ambassador Program

We recently launched a new program to appreciate and highlight some of our most engaged members, our Couchsurfing Ambassadors. Ambassadors live and breathe Couchsurfing and embody our Core Values – … Read More

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