Announcing the “New Inbox” on Couchsurfing

We roll out updates to Couchsurfing on a regular basis – this time we’re releasing an entirely n ... Read More

Why we Couchsurf: Join the circus? Travel to foreign lands? Redefine normal.

Couchsurfers write in to us every day with stories of how we can see the world through each other (re)define what’s possible. Rethinking Normal Paolo left southern Italy in September and started a worldwide hitch hiking tour. Before he left, he said, “for me it was strange that someone could host strangers in their own house. Well, right now, I just think the opposite: it's strange someone is not hosting strangers. "During this travel I'm learning about being really ... normal. Yes, that's the word. Normal. "It's normal to help each other, it's normal to know different cultures, it's normal to travel. I love to … Read More

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Hosting a Band on Tour: Couchsurfer Tom hosts the “BOATS”

Have you ever hosted a band? Tom has and he loved it. Couchsurfing is a great opportunity for musicians to connect with people who know the local music scene. At … Read More

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Hailey’s Journey – A Solo Woman Traveler Explores the World

What is it like to use Couchsurfing as a young solo female traveler? We talked to Hailey about her passion for traveling and her experience using Couchsurfing as a solo woman traveler. Hailey … Read More

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Family Couchsurfing with Bruno

Couchsurfing with a family is a bit different. But what is it like? We interviewed Couchsurfing Ambassador Filippo about about his experiences Couchsurfing with his family. Filippo Occhipinti joined Couchsurfing in 2005 and has … Read More

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Our Couchsurfing Ambassador Program

We recently launched a new program to appreciate and highlight some of our most engaged members, our Couchsurfing Ambassadors. Ambassadors live and breathe Couchsurfing and embody our Core Values – … Read More

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