What’s next on Couchsurfing?

We made major changes to Couchsurfing this month. As a small team with limited resources, we prioritized bringing you the service’s most important features in rebuilt form. We launched the new platform without having replicated all of the features of the old one. But we’re working on adding new settings and tools over time. Some of the elements we’re continuing to develop include: Support for additional languages (including Russian and German) and improved translations New inbox filters Saved message templates Guest instructions (from hosts) Bookmarked profiles (the Couchsurfers you want to remember) Friends in common with another Couchsurfer Batch event editing and series management Adding Events to an existing … Read More

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What’s changed on Couchsurfing?

Short Answer? Everything. We rebuilt the entire platform, from the web servers to the databases. The previous website was built – largely by volunteers – over a ten-year period. As … Read More

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The future of Couchsurfing is on the way!

We’re about to launch a brand new Couchsurfing – a new website, new mobile apps, and a completely new technical infrastructure. Hear what CEO Jennifer Billock has to say about … Read More

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Inside the Rebuild – Couchsurfing engineers and beta testers at work

We’ve written before about why Couchsurfing’s technology needs an update – and about the members who continue to test and provide feedback on our new site. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes … Read More

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Rebuilding our technical infrastructure

The Couchsurfing website is a powerful tool that members use to make incredible connections each day. But its infrastructure is old. Really old – Couchsurfing’s codebase dates back a decade (approximately an eternity, in website time).

We’ve been rebuilding the site’s infrastructure (which also powers our mobile applications) behind the scenes for the past several months. Read More

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