Our major website rebuild and what it fixes

The Couchsurfing website is a powerful tool that members use to make incredible connections each day. But its infrastructure is old. Like, really old – Couchsurfing’s codebase dates back a decade to circa 2004 (approximately an eternity, in internet time). We’ve been rebuilding the site’s infrastructure (which also powers our mobile apps) behind the scenes for the past several months. Meanwhile, our 9+ million members continue to use the old system. As many of you know, our current site is very difficult to improve upon without causing things to break. Mismatched pieces that don't go together have being forced and otherwise duck … Read More

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Beta testing is underway!

Feedback from the Couchsurfing community is always a critical part of our process as we make changes (and hopefully improvements) to the website and mobile apps. Every time we work … Read More

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Thanks to two stars in our community

Couchsurfing Headquarters is saying farewell – for now – to two members of our staff. Massimo Bennardo and Martina Steinman both left their full time positions with the company this … Read More

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Couchsurfing HQ Leadership Update

Last October, I took on the role of Interim CEO during a time of extraordinary change at Couchsurfing. Since then I’ve been working with our team to address longstanding technical … Read More

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International Couchsurfing Day, June 12 2014!

On June 12th, we celebrated International Couchsurfing Day. Ever since its beginnning, Couchsurfing has touched the lives of over eight million people across the world. Last week many of us … Read More

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