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Learning Quickly and Iterating Against Real Data (or, Why We Release Systems Without Features We Publicly Admit We’d Like to Have)

Konawaba, Couchsurfers! Today we’re addressing a question from the Beta Panel: Why does Couchsurfing launch new systems on the website without obvious features? We’ve been discussing how this strategy applies to the Events system as we get close to launch. There are a few additional features that members of the Beta Panel have requested we build before launch, like calendar integration and allowing events to have multiple organizers. My response has been: “I totally agree, but we’ll wait until after launch to include it.” As you can imagine, this can be frustrating for members who have sometimes spent years asking for specific features … Read More

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Launching Events in Early March: Community Update 2.13.13

Privet, Couchsurfers! We’re really excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new Events system. Members of the beta panel have been working with us to test Events for almost … Read More

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Still Waters Run Deep: Community Update 1.30.13

Bonjour, Couchsurfers! This week we’ve already released a few small changes and will be releasing a handful more. We’ve started work on some larger, structural issues with Places that won’t … Read More

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Big Things Have Small Beginnings: Community Update 1.24.13

Hello Couchsurfers! I’m delighted to be sharing our ongoing product development updates with you on the Couchsurfing blog. We’ve heard you ask to be more easily informed about upcoming features, … Read More

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