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About Massimo Bennardo

Massimo has been an active member of Couchsurfing since 2007. He has a passion for the perfect combination of food wine, will never have chocolate missing from his house and loves all animals.

Say Hello to Community Manager, Massimo Bennardo

We’re so excited to welcome long-time member Massimo Bennardo to the Couchsurfing team. Massimo joins us as a Community Manager, where he’ll work with the rest of the Community team to develop a strong connection between HQ and our members. We’ll let him introduce himself; please join us in wishing him a warm welcome (that’s what the comments are for!). I come from Sicily, a place where hospitality is sacred, almost a law. Since before Couchsurfing even existed I have always traveled on a low budget, meeting new people and accepting their generous hospitality. When I found out about Couchsurfing in 2007 I … Read More

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