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Community Safety and Profile Deletion

Hi Couchsurfers! We are sometimes asked about member profile removal and why we may have chosen to take a particular action. There are a number of reasons why someone's profile might be removed from the system, and we will never discuss the specifics of any one member's case, but I thought I'd share some of the most common reasons for profile removal and clarify a couple of things. (It's important to remember, too, that members sometimes remove their own profiles.) First off, we don’t remove profiles simply because a member might disagree with something that the Couchsurfing organization is doing. That would … Read More

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Couchsurfing raises $15 million to improve our website and mobile apps!

Today, we announced that we have raised $15 million in funding. This is exciting news! It means that we can keep our energy where it belongs: on rebuilding the website … Read More

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Our Android App is Here!

Very soon, we want you to have the ability to tap into the CouchSurfing community anytime, anywhere, both through the site and on your phone. We’re going to be adding lots of great features to the app as time goes on. Read More

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We’re going mobile

Our new app and a site upgrade are on the way The CouchSurfing community has long been asking for better tools, and our team is hard at work making it … Read More

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A letter from Dan Hoffer

Dear CouchSurfers, This past year at CouchSurfing has been a unique one in our history. We’ve changed our legal structure. We shrank our team significantly (previously at 44 including part-time), … Read More

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