Product update: here’s the latest

Periodically we like to let the Couchsurfing community know what we’re working on and why. As you may k ... Read More

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A letter from Casey

Dear Couch Surfers, Thirteen years ago, CouchSurfing was nothing but an idea and a project that I worked on from home in the evenings and on weekends. Now CouchSurfing is woven into the lives of millions of people and we have a full-time staff of nearly 30 employees. I have actually been able to witness a dream become reality and grow into a movement that has changed my life, and the lives of many. I feel so very lucky and grateful to share this experience with you all. I’m proud to see how much momentum this idea has gained, and I feel … Read More

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Announcing our new CEO

Dear CouchSurfers, It’s been a crazy eight years since CouchSurfing launched. The community has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Throughout all of it, our job — and the job of … Read More

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A letter from co-founder Casey Fenton

Dear CouchSurfers, After Wednesday’s big announcement, I wanted to send you a personalmessage explaining what it means for CouchSurfing to have become a BCorporation, and how this will affect our … Read More

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