Ask the CEO: Revenue at Couchsurfing

When people ask me how Couchsurfing will make money, my answer is pretty simple: we’ll experiment with well-understood monetization models to see what works best for the community and the company. Experimenting means we’ll test, iterate and learn. Couchsurfing’s revenue, at present, comes from its Verification service. Members have been asking for a long time about our plans for monetization. The answer wasn’t very illuminating but it was the truth: until now, we hadn’t been particularly focused on monetization. Build a strong foundation first When I started leading the company in 2013, the team and I determined that a full-scale re-write of Couchsurfing’s … Read More

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What’s next on Couchsurfing?

We made major changes to Couchsurfing this month. As a small team with limited resources, we prioritized bringing you the service’s most important features in rebuilt form. We launched the … Read More

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An all new Couchsurfing is coming next week

Big changes are coming to Couchsurfing. Next week we’ll be unveiling an entirely new website and updated iOS and Android apps – we have rebuilt our entire technical infrastructure from … Read More

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Couchsurfing in Austin: In the Wild with Jen Billock

Staff in the Wild is a Couchsurfing program that seeks to connect the staff at HQ with the community at large. We’re hosting travelers, organizing events, and will be out … Read More

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Beta testing is underway!

Feedback from the Couchsurfing community is always a critical part of our process as we make changes (and hopefully improvements) to the website and mobile apps. Every time we work … Read More

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