Beta testing is underway!

Feedback from the Couchsurfing community is always a critical part of our process as we make changes (and hopefully improvements) to the website and mobile apps. Every time we work on a major change, we involve members. Whether it’s bringing Couchsurfers into the office to review early designs or forming a full beta panel to test around the world, community input is part of our process from start to finish. And we need your help! Right now, we’re rebuilding Couchsurfing’s technology (more on that soon), and we’re taking feedback, making changes and fixing bugs on the new site and mobile apps. We … Read More

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International Couchsurfing Day, June 12 2014!

On June 12th, we celebrated International Couchsurfing Day. Ever since its beginnning, Couchsurfing has touched the lives of over eight million people across the world. Last week many of us … Read More

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The Motorcycle Diaries: Staying with Staff

Staff in the Wild is a Couchsurfing program that seeks to connect the staff at HQ with the community at large. We’re hosting travelers, organizing events and will be out surfing … Read More

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Website Stability Improvements

Remember when we said we would make the website more stable and more reliable? Well, we have been working hard on making our platform just that: more stable and more reliable. … Read More

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Family Couchsurfing with Bruno

Couchsurfing with a family is a bit different. But what is it like? We interviewed Couchsurfing Ambassador Filippo about about his experiences Couchsurfing with his family. Filippo Occhipinti joined Couchsurfing in 2005 and has … Read More

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