Announcing the “New Inbox” on Couchsurfing

We roll out updates to Couchsurfing on a regular basis – this time we’re releasing an entirely n ... Read More

Wanderlust or Genetics: Are You Born to Travel?

There seem to be some people that have an inherent need to hit the road, while others aren't all of that mesmerized by the opportunity to cross seas and experience new cultures. It's as if we're not all programmed the same way. New research suggests that there is a gene specific to "wanderers," making them more motivated than the average to pile possessions on their back, heading into the unknown with wide-eyed curiosity and the zeal of wonderment. Here's an excerpt from a recent Elite Daily article: "As told on one psychology blog, the inherent urge to travel can be traced back to one gene, which is … Read More

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“Not Just Tourists” Shares Medical Supplies through Travelers

A massive amount of valuable medical supplies get thrown away every day in Canada, and at the same time people around the world suffer from a lack of access to … Read More

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Why we Couchsurf: Join the circus? Travel to foreign lands? Redefine normal.

Couchsurfers write in to us every day with stories of how we can see the world through each other (re)define what’s possible. Rethinking Normal Paolo left southern Italy in September … Read More

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Product Updates: Travelers Nearby, Events and Radius Search

We roll out updates to Couchsurfing’s services on a regular basis – here are some of new features you might have noticed recently: Event Notifications by Email: Notifications about Couchsurfers … Read More

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Ask the CEO: Revenue at Couchsurfing

When people ask me how Couchsurfing will make money, my answer is pretty simple: we’ll experiment with well-understood monetization models to see what works best for the community and the … Read More

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